Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dear lovely people that reads my blog,
I'm really into drawing manga now.
I've spent lots of times in the library in the recess when I'm in school.

Well for you who doesn't know about manga yet,I think I must tell you about it!
Do you know anime?

If you don't, you're life is a complete suck-up.
Anime is a Japanese animation that is really famous in the world.
But, actually in Japanese Anime means animation.
They have their own style with different character.
In the left is the anime character of a comic called "Maid Sama"

Now do you see what I mean by a unique style?

After knowing anime, maybe now you can understand manga easily.
Manga is actually the Japanese word for cartoon.
Because Japanese cartoon is really famous in the world, everyone thinks that manga is the drawing of an anime.

But, that is... WRONG

Manga is really famous between tween agers and teenagers, because of their cuteness.
But, sometimes manga is also gothic or cool depends on the character.

Because of their famous, now lots of mangas are now translated into lots of languages.

So, there you have it!
That is manga!
And I can give you one more example of a cute anime, made by ME
And inspired by a manga that I've read a lot of time


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