Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jars for the New Year!

Merry christmas and Happy New Year guys!

What were you guys doing in the new year's eve?
Well, me and my family went to Jakarta for the new year's eve also because they were having a car-free roads.

In this post, I'll be typing about New Year's plans!

So keep on reading

Since it's still 12 more months until New Year 2014, I have made some nice plan to do for 2013

You'll need:

3 empty jars

White labels

Connection-tape (Scottish brand works best)

Small decorated papers (or you can cut some papers into small pieces and decorate them with stickers)

Colorful pens or marker (sparkly colorful pens would do great if you have one)

Sticker (tiny cute stickers for decoration)

3 colorful ribbon (unnecessary)

      Follow the steps

      Make sure your jars are sparkly clean

      Prepare 3 white labels

      On the first label write with your least favorite color, "2013's Down". You can add some frowning/sad smileys and/or decorate it with stickers

      On the second label write with black ink, "Papers". You don't really need to decorate this label, but you can if you prefer.

      On the third label write with your most favorite color, "2013's Up". You can add some happy smileys and/or decorate it with stickers (I prefer stars or hearts stickers)

      Take the labels that has been written one by one, and put a label on each jar.

      Write down a message for yourself in the future on a small decorated paper (this will go in the "2013's Down" jar)

      Write down another different message for yourself in the future on a small decorated paper (this will go in the "2013's Up" jar)

      Fold them both in half and put it each in the "2013's Up" and "2013's Down"

      Tape the first folded message to the first jar and do the same to the second one.

      Put the rest of the empty small papers in the jar written "Papers"

      Tie a ribbon on top of each jar to decorate it, if you want to..

        So, every time you got a nice gift, accomplished goals, and happy memories worth saving you could write it down on a paper from the "Papers" jar and put it inside the "2013's Up".

        Write the opposite for the "2013's Down" Jar.

        Meanwhile, at 31st of December 2013 you can open both jar and read all of your adventure all year!!

        Hope you like the idea, like I do!


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