Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Dance Performance in Indonesia Embassy

This is the dance, guess where am I ?!
Ini adalah tariannya coba tebak ada di manakah aku?!

Our Dance Performance in Indonesia Embassy

That's right! We will dance in Indonesia embassy!!!!! We means four and five graders and the senior one is from junior high school (I think)
Itu benar! Kita bakal perform tarian kita di KBRI (Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia)!!! Kita itu termasuk kelas 4 dan 5 dan yang kakak-kakak itu aku gak tahu kelasnya tapi mereka SMP (kayaknya)


We spend like a LOT of time doing makeup =.="
To make thing faster the senior help us to do our makeup ^^

Kita mengahibiskan BANYAK banget waktu untuk pakai makeup =.="
Supaya lebih cepat kakak-kakak kelas membantu kita dengan makeup ^^

Not only the senior that help us with the makeup, Mrs. Rina also help us to fix our makeup and the eyeshadow. And the senior need help too.... :D

Bukan cuman kakak-kakak kelas yang membantu kita pakai makeup, Ibu Rina juga membantu "membetulkan" makeup dan eyeshadow kita. Kakak-kakak kelas juga dibantu loh... :D

And Mrs. Erna help us (and the senior) with our hair. She is such a good hairstylist >.<

Dan Bu Erna yang menata rambut kita (dan kakak-kakak kelas). Bu Erna memang penata rambut yang hebat >.<

This is me after I done wearing the makeup, am I looks like a ghost?!

Ini aku setelah aku selesai diberi makeup, aku kelihatan kayak hantu ya?!

From left to right : Aura (4 grader), Mrs. Rina (teacher, and Aura's mom), Me!!!! (5 grader), Putri (4 grader)

Ki-ka : Aura (kelas 4), Bu Rina (Guru, dan ibunya Aura), Aku!!!! (kelas 5), Putri (kelas 4)

After we done with the makeup, we wear our traditional clothing it's "Baju Bodo" mean Bodo Clothes, because we will perform Padupa dance^^

Setelah kita selesai dengan makeup, kita pakai baju tradisional kita yaitu Baju Bodo, karena kita akan menari Tari Padupa ^^

Then the senior one wear they're traditional clothing, but I don't know what is the name of the clothing I only know that the clothes is Aceh's Traditional Clothes. Because they will perform Saman Dance

Lalu kakak-kakaknya memakai baju tradisional Aceh, tapi sayangnya aku tidak tahu nama bajunya apa :( mereka memakai baju tradisional Aceh karena mereka akan menari Tari Saman

This is the Indonesia Embassy, we will dance here

Ini adalah KBRI, kita akan menari di sini

This the picture of ALL the dancer with the Indonesian ambassador for Japan

Ini adalah foto SEMUA penari dengan Pak DuBes (DUta BEsar)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Adventure in Takao-san (ENGLISH ONLY)

Takao-san means Takao mountain. We were hiking there.
It's a lot of fun and adventure. If you go to Japan I suggest you must go there before leaving Japan.
Let's begin the story....

When we were hiking, we felt really tired (we're not even hiking 1 km yet =o=" )
So we found this street vendor not really fabulous, but delicious place to eat fresh fish! Yum

This is the fish that we will eat
They put the aquarium so we know that fish is fresh! LOL!!
This is before the poor fish is grilled

This is when the fish is grilled
I just couldn't see the fish when a living poor fish will be grilled
Aaahhhh! Such a horror for them (the fishes)!!!
I'm sorry I ate you because you are too delicious! LOL!!

If you want to see the fish closer,
I will zoom it!
Do you see it?

"Ehhmmmm, mom.... are you sure it is okay to eat this poor fish?"
Well, i know it's NOT dangerous, but still we ate a poor Little fish

Okay, let's stop talking about this fishy thingy!
We were continuing our hiking

Now, we must ride a cable car!
This is the entrance,
But sorry i didn't take a single picture inside the cable car

I took this picture after we're done riding the cable car
Isn't it beautiful?
Looking below the Takao-san

Me and Tiyi touched the lucky octopus!
After that, we put a coin beside the octopus :D

Then we continue our hiking
When we were hiking we look at the monk cemetery
Bbrrr, kind of creepy don't you think?

A shrine that we saw when we were hiking
Cool eh?

Pray? The names of a monk who died?
Well, I don't know
For this one please figure out yourself!

Aaaahh, a monster!!!
Wait, it's only a statue!
Am I a drama queen or what?!

Me and Tiyi inside the temple
We washed our hand with the holly water

The temple in Takao -san
But, I can't go inside
So I don't have the picture inside okay?

Me and Tiyi were posing on the stairs at the temple entrance
Cool right? LOL

We're now living Takao-san
Bye bye Takao-san!
See you again! It's been a wonderful hiking experience
I agree that Takao-san bring lots of memory to people that come there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (a poem for my mom)

You take care of me from my birth 'till now
You cheer me when I'm in sorrow
You really help the family
You teach me when I don't understand
Maybe sometimes you're angry
But I know you're angry for somethings good
Happy Mother's day !
You're my hero