Sunday, September 8, 2013

AFAID 2013

Minna-san konnichiwa!!

Yesterday I went to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 (AFA ID) in Jakarta Convention Center!
Can you guess who am I?
It was very crowded, I could barely walk. The line for the ticket was incredibly long as well.
As you guys know, it's Anime Festival ASIA. So there aren't only Indonesian people there but also other asians, such as: Japanese (doh), Singaporeans, Malaysians, and more!
There were a lot of cosplayer* there!  
And of course I also cosplayed.

I bought the Rp.150,000,- ticket. So I didn't see the concert. Which was too bad, 'cause I love ''BabyMETAL''

But it wasn't that bad. There were a lot of very friendly people, cute anime merchandises, and cameras!

Indeed, there are a lot of people asking me for pictures (more than 15, I think?). Sadly though, I don't know where do they upload it :(

*cosplayer: people who dress up as a character from movies, video games, and/or anime

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