Sunday, September 8, 2013

AFAID 2013

Minna-san konnichiwa!!

Yesterday I went to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 (AFA ID) in Jakarta Convention Center!
Can you guess who am I?
It was very crowded, I could barely walk. The line for the ticket was incredibly long as well.
As you guys know, it's Anime Festival ASIA. So there aren't only Indonesian people there but also other asians, such as: Japanese (doh), Singaporeans, Malaysians, and more!
There were a lot of cosplayer* there!  
And of course I also cosplayed.

I bought the Rp.150,000,- ticket. So I didn't see the concert. Which was too bad, 'cause I love ''BabyMETAL''

But it wasn't that bad. There were a lot of very friendly people, cute anime merchandises, and cameras!

Indeed, there are a lot of people asking me for pictures (more than 15, I think?). Sadly though, I don't know where do they upload it :(

*cosplayer: people who dress up as a character from movies, video games, and/or anime

Click "Read More" to read more of the fashion side of this post!


I personally LOVE this dress!
 Just for you guys to know, I didn't buy it online. Why? Because a lot of shopping websites can not ship to Indonesia, and because it's very very expensive.

Here's a much cheaper way to make your costume:
1. Sew it yourself!! or if you can't, buy the fabric materials and hire someone to sew it.

The dress itself costs about 50 dollars itself. But I only spent like about 30 dollars. But of course, I didn't sew it myself (I can't) I hired someone to sew it. And as you can see it turns out beautifully!

The big bow on the back of the dress is never actually stitched together. There are a pair of buttons on it and the dress, so it's easy to put on and off.


I literally just glued it to my a borrowed headphones of mine.
Just to help you guys out, I'll write the steps.

  1. Buy any hard paper materials, if you can buy the black one it'd be great (such as cardboard)
  2. Paint it black (if not yet black)
  3.  Google for the base picture of the butterfly, or just use these pictures
    The butterfly wings base
  4. Print it (I know, huge right? The round thingy base is under the last step)
  5. Cut the paper materials into 2 circle shapes and 2 butterfly wings. (you could trace the cutting pattern with the wings you printed)
  6. Stick one of the round thingy onto one of the circle shape, do the same to the other.
  7. Repeat step 6 for the butterfly wings
  8. Glue the round thingy right beside your headphones. Leave just a little space.
  9. Lastly glue the butterfly wings underneath each of the round thingy, right on the little space you created
  10. Voila!
  11. The round thingy base

So that practically just it. And if you're lucky it may just turns out right!

Sorry if it's hard to understand, I'm not the best teacher.


Who am I kidding, I can't do make-up..

Though, it seems my mother is pretty good at it, just look at her masterpiece!


I'd like to thank both of my parents (especially my mom) who make all of this come true.
Thanks to my baby sister Luna, to also there when I was everytime!

Special thanks also goes to my mother's wonderful friends : Merita, Poppy (especially for her headphones), and Mrs. Isma.

Thank you everybody!

Lots of love and fabulousity,

Mentari (munchan)


  1. Dear MunChan,

    I can see that you had a great time last week.

    Anyway your blog is so sophisticated with this and that guidance, it is fun to visit the site:)

    On behalf of your mother's friends, we request to see you and your cute outfit in person :D

    Peace out - Aunty Poppy

  2. to be honest, this is probably the cutest blog i've ever seen in my entire life! keep up the good work! i love this blog so much <3

    xoxo, jfmarcella

  3. Hi ;D
    Wow such a beautiful cosplay!
    I'm glad that my tutorial and bases helped you <3


  4. Hi there ;D
    such a beautiful cosplay! <3
    I'm glad my tutorial and bases helped you <3