Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cherry Blossom

Hi all,
Remember my promise to give you all a picture of Cherry Blossom when i already saw it.
Well, guess what i saw it! When i go to Nogawa Park with Tiyi...
Hope you like it!

Halo semuanya,
Ingat pas itu di postingan lamaku aku janji untuk memberi foto Bunga Sakura kalau aku sudah melihatnya.
Coba tebak, aku seudah melihatnya! Aku melihatnya saat aku dan Tiyi bermain ke Nogawa Park.
Semoga kamu menyukai fotonya!

Earthquake in Japan/ Gempa di Jepang

I was in my friend house Sausan to pick my glove, because my gloves left on her house. And then the floor start shaking, first we all thought Sausan brother was jumping on the bed. And we saw Sausan brother only siting on the bed. We all worried, and then Sausan's dad tell us to hide under the table. It's like 8 people was hiding under the table.
Then the earthquake stop, and we all have chance to get out of the apartment The earthquake strike again, but luckily now we all already out of the apartment. When Sausan's dad think the earthquake had stop, we all go inside the apartment. I want to go home, but Sausan's dad says that the JR line (train) is not working. So i stay in Sausan's home till tomorrow, i already call my mother and my mother says that she will pick me up in Sausan's home tomorrow when the JR line already working.
At last my posting done....

Aku berada di rumah teman saya Sausan untuk mengambil sarung tangan saya, karena sarung tangan saya tertinggal di rumahnya. Dan kemudian lantai mulai bergetar, pertama kita semua berpikir saudara Sausan melompat-lompat di tempat tidur. Dan kita melihat saudara Sausan hanya duduk di tempat tidur. Kita semua khawatir, dan kemudian ayah Sausan memberitahu kita untuk berlindung di bawah meja. Ada sekitar 8 orang yang berlindung di bawah meja. Kemudian gempa berhenti, dan kita semua memiliki kesempatan untuk keluar dari apartemen. Gempa bumi mulai lagi, tapi untungnya sekarang kita semua sudah keluar dari apartemen. Ketika ayah Sausan kita berpikir gempa itu berhenti, kita semua masuk ke dalam apartemen. Aku ingin pulang, tetapi ayah Sausan mengatakan bahwa JR line (kereta) tidak bekerja. Jadi saya tinggal di rumah Sausan sampai besok, saya sudah menelepon ibu saya dan ibu saya mengatakan bahwa beliau akan menjemput saya besok rumah Sausan ketika JR line sudah bekerja.
Akhirnya postingnya sudah selesai....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Skenario Bahasa Inggris

Hi all,
Hari Kamis aku harus mengumpulkan skenario darama Bahasa Inggris, ini adalah skenarionya!


Messy Friend

Mentari : Grace & Narrator
Asha : Sophia
Sausan : Zoe
Holga : Bryan
Harsa : Patrick
Ota : Jacob
Alvin : Anthony

Narrator : After school, we all go home together
Jacob : (eating banana, and then throws the banana peal to the street)
Bryan : Aaaahhh!!!!! (fell down)
Zoe : So, that`s what happens if you step on banana peal!?
Bryan : Ouch
Jacob : (still chewing the banana) Sorry..... the banana is too tasty
Grace : Monkey!!
Bryan : It hurts
Jacob : Hey!
Anthony : Com`on guys
Sophia : We don't even step out, in front of the school fence yet, and you're all already argueing!
Patrick : Really? It's already like 3 hour we've been walking.
Grace : Of course
Zoe : Duh!
Bryan : It's started to bleed
Anthony : I forgot to pick up my bike in the school (looks at the school) Well, I can still go home without my bicycle.
Sophia : Just take it moron!
Anthony : (goes to the school to pick up the bike)
Bryan : Hey!
Patrick : (exhausted) Water... water....
Bryan : (screaming) DOES ANYBODY CARE ABOUT ME??!!!
Zoe : Nope
Bryan : Ugh..
Grace : Why are your knees bleeding?
Bryan : (sarcastically) A dog bit me
Sophia : Oh..
Patrick : Not really
Jacob : Guys, this is serious Bryan's knees are bleeding!!
Bryan: At last, somebody understands me....
Anthony : (running to his friends, without bringing his bicycle)
Sophia : Where in the world have you been? And where is your bike?
Anthony : Sorry, it was to hard for me to search my bike, so I came here without my bike.
Jacob : Com`on everyone, does anyone has a bandage for Bryan?
Patrick : No
Zoe : Ugh, Bryan you're so annoying!
Bryan : It hurts so much!!
Grace : Ugh, okay then, we have no choice. Let's go to the nursery in the school!
Anthony : I just got here, and I must go to the school again?! Thanks a lot Bryan!
Bryan : You welcome (sarcastically)
Patrick : I think i'll stay here.
Sophia : Oh, no you don't! (pulling Patrick to the nursery, everyone follows)
Narrator : They arrive in the nursery
Jacob : (searching for a bandage)
Everyone (except Bryan) : (staring at Jacob)
Jacob : Come on, help me search for a bandage for Bryan!
Anthony : Oh, ok then
Patrick : (not helping)I think I'll sit here. Tell me when you're done!
Sophia : (her arms crossed, and staring at Patrick)
Patrick : Okay, okay
Zoe : (found a comic book in the trash bin, seeing the cover) Who in the world, would trow this comic away? (reading it)
Grace : Found it!
Jacob : Great!
Bryan : Thank's, give it to me please
Grace : Before I give you this bandage, say “pretty please” first!
Bryan : Ugh..
Grace : You want it or not?
Bryan : Okay, pretty please...
Grace : “with sugar on top”
Bryan : What??? okay then, I have no choice. “Pretty please, with sugar on top”.
Everyone : (LOL)
Grace : (gives the bandage to Bryan)
Bryan : (blushing)