Monday, March 7, 2011

Skenario Bahasa Inggris

Hi all,
Hari Kamis aku harus mengumpulkan skenario darama Bahasa Inggris, ini adalah skenarionya!


Messy Friend

Mentari : Grace & Narrator
Asha : Sophia
Sausan : Zoe
Holga : Bryan
Harsa : Patrick
Ota : Jacob
Alvin : Anthony

Narrator : After school, we all go home together
Jacob : (eating banana, and then throws the banana peal to the street)
Bryan : Aaaahhh!!!!! (fell down)
Zoe : So, that`s what happens if you step on banana peal!?
Bryan : Ouch
Jacob : (still chewing the banana) Sorry..... the banana is too tasty
Grace : Monkey!!
Bryan : It hurts
Jacob : Hey!
Anthony : Com`on guys
Sophia : We don't even step out, in front of the school fence yet, and you're all already argueing!
Patrick : Really? It's already like 3 hour we've been walking.
Grace : Of course
Zoe : Duh!
Bryan : It's started to bleed
Anthony : I forgot to pick up my bike in the school (looks at the school) Well, I can still go home without my bicycle.
Sophia : Just take it moron!
Anthony : (goes to the school to pick up the bike)
Bryan : Hey!
Patrick : (exhausted) Water... water....
Bryan : (screaming) DOES ANYBODY CARE ABOUT ME??!!!
Zoe : Nope
Bryan : Ugh..
Grace : Why are your knees bleeding?
Bryan : (sarcastically) A dog bit me
Sophia : Oh..
Patrick : Not really
Jacob : Guys, this is serious Bryan's knees are bleeding!!
Bryan: At last, somebody understands me....
Anthony : (running to his friends, without bringing his bicycle)
Sophia : Where in the world have you been? And where is your bike?
Anthony : Sorry, it was to hard for me to search my bike, so I came here without my bike.
Jacob : Com`on everyone, does anyone has a bandage for Bryan?
Patrick : No
Zoe : Ugh, Bryan you're so annoying!
Bryan : It hurts so much!!
Grace : Ugh, okay then, we have no choice. Let's go to the nursery in the school!
Anthony : I just got here, and I must go to the school again?! Thanks a lot Bryan!
Bryan : You welcome (sarcastically)
Patrick : I think i'll stay here.
Sophia : Oh, no you don't! (pulling Patrick to the nursery, everyone follows)
Narrator : They arrive in the nursery
Jacob : (searching for a bandage)
Everyone (except Bryan) : (staring at Jacob)
Jacob : Come on, help me search for a bandage for Bryan!
Anthony : Oh, ok then
Patrick : (not helping)I think I'll sit here. Tell me when you're done!
Sophia : (her arms crossed, and staring at Patrick)
Patrick : Okay, okay
Zoe : (found a comic book in the trash bin, seeing the cover) Who in the world, would trow this comic away? (reading it)
Grace : Found it!
Jacob : Great!
Bryan : Thank's, give it to me please
Grace : Before I give you this bandage, say “pretty please” first!
Bryan : Ugh..
Grace : You want it or not?
Bryan : Okay, pretty please...
Grace : “with sugar on top”
Bryan : What??? okay then, I have no choice. “Pretty please, with sugar on top”.
Everyone : (LOL)
Grace : (gives the bandage to Bryan)
Bryan : (blushing)

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