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Well, I'm here to tell you that...

Click this to see MY story☆
I've just uploaded my first historical fiction in the Internet!♪
It's called "She" and it's about a marquise (a chivalric rank back in the old century) namely Lucie and her adventure with her royal maiden namely Charlotte unraveling their pasts, and while they do they've discovered something else..

This is the description:

What will happen when someone from your past, came back? Would it please you? Or would it be the opposite? Join Lucie Éclair with her loyal maiden, Charlotte to unravel the truth about their past while discovering a secret past about their beloved kingdom!

Here's the sneak peak:

"Lucie!," Madeleine gasped "You look stunning! Exactly alike with a grand princess!"

"Why! Such pleasant to see you here, mother!," Lucie smiled as she ran towards Madeleine giving her a hug. 

Of course Madeleine was just a replacement of her real mother or in another word a step-mother. Unlike those stories, Madeleine was not a vile woman that wanted only Lucie's father's wealth. Madeleine was not cruel either, even though sometimes she is very strict. But people are not perfect, aren't they?

"Tis surely an unacceptable behaviour!," Madame Helena said sternly. "A  marquise must never do such behaviour with women below her rank! Even if se marquise is not noble-born!".

"Thy words are unacceptable! Do thou even know who are thou talking to?," Madeleine gritted her teeth with anger. 
Madame Helena stared at her for a bit. 

"Good gracious!," she gasped. "Pardon my words your highness!". Madame Helena bowed as low as she could. 

"I should have known not to hire such fool who does not even knowledge her mistress' mother!," Madeleine snorted.

Madame Helena was indeed just noticed that Madeleine was Lucie's "new" mother.

"Mother! Enough!," Lucie yelled.

The entire room froze in shock.

"Lady Lucie!," one of the man-servant was astonished by his mistress' attitude.

Lucie  took her steps towards the hairdresser. "Tis a waste of time!," Lucie said calmly as she sat in front of the mirror. 

The entire room paused.

"Well, I could not agree more! Moving on then!," Madeleine commanded leaving the room. 

Servants were getting Lucie ready for the emperor's grand ball. She sighed by her mother's attitude. The maidens were combing her delicate hair, putting them into a lovely royal-bun.

"M'lady!," Charlotte one of their maiden exclaimed. 

"Oui?," Lucie answered softly. 

Charlotte was Lucie's most loyal maiden, even though that she is younger than Lucie. Lucie really care about her like to her former sister. 

"Lady Lucie, what flowers would thou prefer for thy gorgeous hair?," Charlotte asked in such a sweet tone. 

"Perhaps white roses would be wonderful" Lucie answered. 

"Such an enchanting choice m'lady!," Charlotte exclaimed as she started to ornament her mistress' hair with some lovely white roses.

"Charlotte?," Lucie stared to Charlotte's reflection on the mirror.

"Oui, Lady Lucie?"

"Pardon me lass, but may I ask about thy family?," she asked curiously.

"Aye.. No pardon needed m'lady!," Charlotte said still attiring her mistress hair. "This lass had only one sister, that was fancied by an earl. Years past and my beloved sister became se countess of se earl's royalty, they had se life everyone adored, twas se jolliest moment of my family's life," Charlotte made a small smile. 

"One day se earl's mother promised to make me se baroness of her royalty when I'm older, whether I'll be wed or not. Of course twas an odd decision of se royal highness. But as a child I was jollie," she chuckled.

"Time passed, as I was about to get se chilvaric rank our land was cursed with a contagious disease. I survived and ran away from se land," Charlotte paused as her eyes sparkled with tears. "I was cold, hungry, and tired until an old widow took me to her shack and took good care of me. After I told se old widow about se terrifying ill in my past land, she threw me out. Scared that I may spread se disease even though I was completely fine."

Charlotte took a deep breath and wiped some "dews" near her eyes. "Good Lord! I beg thy pardon lass! Thou have no need to continue! This flashback will make you ill" Lucie gasped feeling emphatic for her. 

"No, no! Twas nothing m'lady!  Do not make yourself guilty Lady Lucie," Charlotte curved a smile as she finished taking care of Lucie's hair.

"Well, I had a lovely sister once," Lucie started. "Before a selfish foul woman poisoned her," Lucie continued spitting the 'poisoned' word.

"Heavens! M'lady do not continue otherwise thou will be ill as well," Charlotte cut her sentences as she began to grew a frown on her face. Lucie then sighed.

"Oh my! Look at the time, m'lady!," Charlotte pointed to the clock in astonishment. 

"Good heavens! Charlotte would thou be so kind and call the carriage?," Lucie demanded as Charlotte walked throughout the door. 

Lucie stood up, and the dress-maker ran towards Lucie fixing her beautiful maroon gown. 

Her gown was made by one of the most soft and famous silk, which was sleeveless as her mother's demand. She puts on her long white gloves and checked herself at the mirror one more time, smiling. The gown assembles great with her dark chocolate hair which was ornamented by the lovely white roses of course.

Lucie walked towards her mother's painting, as she admirer her beautiful yet lovely former mother.

"Maman, je vous manque," she whispered.

"Se carriage is ready, Lady Lucie!," Charlotte said in all of the sudden surprising Lucie. Charlotte took her hand and leaded her towards the carriage. "I thank thou, dear," Lucie nodded as she got on the carriage. 

"Bonne sorée, Lady Lucie!," Charlotte shouted as the carriage started moving.

"Greetings mother!," Lucie smiled towards her mother.

"Lucie my dear, tis an important ball! As you knowledge se emperor was the one who made the ball," Madeleine said seriously. "Be a bonny lass, and attract se prince, would you dear?".

"But mother, se vile prince! I do not even fancy him! He only wants to wed because of his lust!!," Lucie protested.

"Shhh my daughter! Thy uncivil words are not welcome in this high society! Plus, thy father's heritage will vanish some day," Madeleine said curtly.

Lucie sighed.

"Oui, maman...."


It's only the first chapter, there are still more!
So be sure to open the link to my story
to see if I have uploaded any new chapters in the future!


P.S.: there are still one more surprise I'd be telling you guys in the late March, so be sure to follow this blog ;)


  1. My recommendation: The names Lucie and Madeleine change to Lucy and Madeline, the marquise the "e" should be removed, add the 7 sins scripted on the story. Thank you

    1. Believe it or not, I've actually planning to name her 'Lucy' rather than 'Lucie'. I changed it so it would be more French, the same with 'Madeleine'. For the 'marquis' I believe that you are right about that in English term, but 'marquise' is the old french spelling :)

      Last but not least, I love your idea about adding the 7 sins, I would highly consider it :)

      Thank you for your suggestion, and keep reading my blog <3