Friday, September 23, 2011

Me in Malaysia! (ENGLISH ONLY)

Sorry, to make you all wait for my new post, and also because it's english only. Okay just go to the point ;)
When I'm going to Indonesia we have a transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I think the transit time its between 1 and a half day (give or take). Anyway when we arrived in Malaysia it's about daytime around 10.00 am. We arrived at the hotel and put our belongings there, change our clothes, then we go to travel Kuala Lumpur. In there, I want to go to the Twin Tower. But, when we're there it's written, "Sorry, the ticket has sold out!". You've gotta' be kidding me, so we just planned to go there tomorrow morning and go to the top of the Twin Tower before our departure. So, because of that we decided to go to the Twin Tower Mall. I buy cute clothes in there!!
We go to the PetroScience (It's a science museum by Petronas). It was the coolest and only Science Museum that I know. There is lots to do in there you will never be bored. To travel all places inside it takes you about 4 hours (but we get out earlier because my mom said that her foots is killing her). In there you can try simulation, experiment, and even a test!! You can visit a lot of places! One of them that I come to it's a Dinosaur place, and you know it was kind of surprising and weird when we enter the place. BOOM. There was a really huge but FAKE T-Rex. And to make it even more weirder the T-Rex wasn't growling it was SINGING!! Just imagine the weirdness, I actually want to put the video here but now Google change the settings D: !!!!
After all of that weirdness we bought a yellow and cute suitcase (I just luv it!), then we quickly rushing to StarBucks to rest and have some snack. I love StarBucks they make the yummiest Caramel Latte!! AFTER THAT WE WENT HOME TO THE HOTEL When we got home to the the hotel, we was sooo.......... BORED. And to make it worse there is no internet and the TV is in Malay!! My mom decided to try to watch the news in Malay, while I'm searching for some activities. Then I take a shower and after that I make some silly video (I just realize how I love Photo Booth!!). After that I fell asleep.
Yay!! Tomorrow is the day I will finally go to the top of the Twin Tower. I'm rushing to go from that hotel to the TwinTower. I'm praying that the Twin Tower is open and not sold out yet... Yahoo!! It's open and we queue, I still jumping over my excitement. Finally for about 45 minutes we're actually standing for our tickets. My mom asked the time, and the ticket seller answer was ripping off my cakes and ale!! The time for us to go up is at about 12.00 am, and we must already arrived at the airport at 11.00 (note:It's 9 o'clock now). After that that rip off for us to wait in line for 45 MINUTES we just walking trough the mall AGAIN and having lunch. 'Till now I still can feel the suffer. We arrived at the airport at time, which for some reason make me more happy. So, I arrived in Indonesia with still sunshine shining trough!! THE END

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