Friday, June 1, 2012

Yes, I've made a new post!!

Hi all!
OMG long time no see >w<
It has been 2 months, I'm truly sorry for not posting that long.
Anywho, I've finished my National Exam!!!
Well for your knowledge in the six grade in Indonesia you must past a National Exam that has 3 subjects in it (Science, Math, and Indonesian)
It was held at 7th-9th May, I got a problem with my neck in those days..
Well, but I'm okay now.
And now I'm making a post of what I've been doing lately!

So read along! 

7th-9th of May

It was the most neck-hurting days in my life, I don't know why but on those days my neck got hurt.
Maybe because I did too much studying xP
BTW, on those days my class was at the most quiet time in our history.
Our class was placed really far from other classes.

It was actually nice to be quiet once, but then we heard noises from the 5th grader!
They were screaming, singing, and did random noisy things.
And when my classmates complained about them the teacher said, "You all were that noisy when the junior high school and high school student was having their National Exam"
She is probably right.
But because it was really annoying, the teacher came to the 5th grader.

Our class doesn't have recess, because it was only 1 subject.
But we came home really early, and that makes the other jealous >:)

13th of May

Surprised! It was mothers' day in Japan, and I had totally forgot about it.
Remind me next year okay?
Good thing my mom didn't noticed

❤17th of May❤

It was the best day in my life, and I'm not lying!
That day was the day me, my classmates, the 5th graders, and my other friends, and some of the teachers went to Disney land!

Not much nice pictures though, because we were so excited to play, so we weren't really care about taking photos.
But now we regret it D:
We arrived there at about 12 pm, it was soo big!

If you come to Japan I prefer going to Disneyland rather than Disney Sea.
Disneyland is yet bigger, and Disney Sea is too extreme (for us).

And these are my top 2 rides that you must go to when you come to Tokyo Disneyland :
❖Space Mountain
It's an indoor jet coaster, and the queue is really long. It's not extreme actually, its fun because the environment is 3D and it moves really fast.
I prefer going to this ride first.

❖Splash Mountain
The famous thing about Splash Mountain is the height, and the splashes when you finish.
When you're about to go down, they will take your picture and this is our picture
WOAH! Big picture huh?
Guess which one is me?
(answer : the one in the second row, I didn't show my face xP)

And that's it I think :)
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Oh, and I really want to thanks all of you for being such a my loyal blog reader!

I love you all!


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