Monday, April 2, 2012

Hanami in Rinshi no mori

HI ALLL!!!!!
I'm really busy with my school that's why I don't update this blog regularly, I'm sooo sorry!
Anywho last week, me and my classmates went to rinshi no mori with Ms. Teresa (my English teacher).
We went there because we already finished our book! YAY!!!
It was sooo beautiful there, the cherry blossoms (sakura) are blooming <3 class="more" hr="">

And Ms. Teresa surprised us with a special and lovely guess......
She was our classmate, but now she goes to a Japanese school, and since the Japanese schools already finished their study (so lucky!) she can go to Rinshi no mori with us!

So there we went to rinshi no mori by our own feet.
And at last when we arrived we all played everywhere, and Ms. Teresa was running everywhere.
Like she was a mother who has 8 children.
Me, Asha, Dinda, and Via climb up to some kind of jungle gym?
And Ms. Teresa took a photo of us three!!
After we got bored of playing we all went to the cherry blossom trees!
It was so beautiful, so the girls took pictures, lots of it!
It was the Best Day Ever!!!


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