Friday, March 16, 2012

Hippie Style

Welcome fashion lovers!
This post is about my hippie style that I used in my last Christmas party.
You can actually combine some of your old raggy clothes to make a hippie style.
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You see, in the left there's my photo last Christmas (Picture has been deleted due to my classmates that gotten a high fever after seeing the photo).

I combine my light brown T-shirt with a white simple turtleneck because it was winter, and it's freezing cold.

Next, I bought a longgggg skirt (I prefer a more a darker color, but still a match color) in a second-hand shop.

Okay, don't get me wrong! In Japan a second-hand  shop is really nice and cheap in Japan. But still it look kinda' new.


You get a perfect Hippie Style!
And you've probably just waste money only like 10 dollars for the long skirt or maybe cheaper!

Now for the accessories,
I put a long brown ribbon that has pipe cleaner inside so you can move it and put it on your head without worrying it falls.

Next, I bought a necklace (the one that have feathers so it looks more like a hippie)


You're done!!

And my advice for the hair is just make it natural!

Don't roll, or don't even bother combing it.
If your hair is long just let it be like that.
Or, you can braid it 2.

This is what I look from my back

It's written:
Save Electric
Save Gasoline
Save Water
Help each other with Yamato damashi (girls power)

Well that is my advice for the Hippie Style!
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Lots of love!


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