Sunday, May 24, 2009

HAM is not Hamburger, HAM is Human Rights

The Indonesian Association of Families of the Disappeared, supported by The Body Shop Foundation now tells about the sorrow in a new book titled ‘Aku Tak Mirip Beliau' (I'm Not Like Him). The book tells the stories of six families, victims of Tanjung Priok, May Riot and of disappeared activists.

The book begins with the story of Binar Mentari Malahayati, daughter of Mugiyanto, an activist disappeared after the 1997-1998 riots, and those of Mutiara Pasaribu. Mentari now in her second year of elementary school is familiar with terms and issues related to human rights. She talks in simple words about how the events introduced her to human rights. "I got a lesson about human rights (Hak Asasi Manusia - HAM) through the event. Some say HAM is the short form of HAMburger, which is not true. HAM stands for human rights," says the young girl.


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