Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Gift for Moms

It`s February, and Valentine is coming..... "What to gift?".
Don`t have a gift to your mom and dad yet? I recommended this 7 give for your mother, i`m still searching for my dad.


1.Cake Pops Book by Bakerella

Does your mom like to bake or like to eat sweets? Maybe we can give our mom this Cake Pops Book and create fun, yummy treats to eat together!

2.Sweethearts Apron

Another gift for your mom that love to cook, if you have the money. This gift will be perfect.

3.Personalized Family Pillow

How about a statement (or conversation) piece in the form of a throw pillow for your couch? Mom is sure to love seeing the whole clan sitting together on the couch… on a pillow.

4.Handprint Canvas Kit

Feeling creative, and don`t have money? This is the gift that our mom will cherish forever.

5.Beach Me- I Love You Print

Everyone loves the ocean- so peaceful and beautiful. Mom is sure to love hanging this on her wall (or get a personalized message). Your mother will say, "I did one for my mom when i was a kid. I just want to get one for myself this year…"

6.Otis and James- Little Redranunculus Flower Hair Clip

Something sweet, something red, something to jazz up mom’s wardrobe. (I know I need to jazz it up a little). Something as little, and chic, as a hair clip will make mom feel like a million bucks.

7.Edible Gifts Plus- Giant Fortune Cookie

Buy, or make. It’s giant, it’s edible, it can be personalized! Write a note to mom about how sweet she is.

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