Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go Green is IMPORTANT!!!

Let's go green! If you still doesn't know what will go green effect to our future, you're really need to read this!

As you know global warming is happening right now. Global warming came from our self, that's why we're the one who must responsible for all of these.
Global Warming exist largely because of the pollution, and more more tree getting cut off which make the Carbon dioxide can't change to Oxygen
Global warming makes the earth became hotter and hotter. And because of that, the seasons are a little bit shifted and the ices in the both Poles is now melting a LOT!!

Global warming doesn't only effect to us but also to the habitats!
Most of the habitats that got effected by global warming is Polar bear and followed by the penguin!
Why? Because they live in North Pole, and they're nature is with ice.. ALL of the ice in North Pole.
And that make me sad, because now global warming effected they're home by melting all of the ices in North and South Pole.
Can you imagine that your lovely house is disappear? You'll be really sad right? And that's how they feel now.
If this keep on going until future, they'll maybe extinct. So we don't have anymore bears in the North Pole nor the South.
Even thought I'm also a little bit sad imagining Santa lives in North Pole with all of the melting ices.

What is nuclear? Nuclear is an energy to make electricity, actually nuclear is good because they provide bigger electricity and save more money.
But, there's 2 main bad things about nuclear.
First, is that nuclear is really dangerous if its explode!
Do you ever heard of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan)?
America has bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with an atomic nuclear bomb.
And it was really big in a shape of a mushroom, and making everyone injured. Even the one who is 70 km away.
Secondly, the nuclear power plant bring a lot of carbon dioxide
As you can see from the picture, the nuclear power plant brings a lot of carbon dioxide.
Like for example the Fukushima (福島) nuclear power plant is leaking, but the government said that is THAT not dangerous.
That can make the earth hotter, and the pollution also make us sick.
So please wish me luck being here at Tokyo!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!
Because now your an expert about global warming, let's make CHANGES!!!
You must heard of this a lot of times! Lots of people doing this because this is the most common support for the earth to stay green. Read this post to know what all of that mean :)
❀ Reuse
Reuse means that you use something again for a several times rather than just trow it away. Something common to reuse is a plastic bag. If you get a plastic bag by buying something at the store, you can use that plastic bag for the garbage. Or bring it when you're buying something at the store, so you won't get another plastic bag. Plastic bag its hard to unravel, it may take 10 years to unravel!
❀ Reduce
Reduce means you make a smaller or less amount of something, but in this topic reduce mean make a smaller or less amount in plastic and other things that's hard to unravel. By reusing item that's mean you already help reducing plastic, like use the plastic bag again and again. That's make the plastic bag reduce!
Recycle means waste or something that we don't use anymore we turn it into a usable material. Recycle is the most famous support to make the earth stay green. For example, you have this empty plastic bottle from your groceries rather than putting it in the garbage you should actually recycle it! Recycle it by washing it first so it's become clean, and then you could paint it white so you could paint it in another color. Decorate it! And put some stickers (if you want). Now, it's officially your new recycled stationary holder! That's the example for recycling.

It's YOUR turn to make the earth more green! These are not the only thing you can do to support the earth becoming green. So think green and be creative!


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